Presentation to NIEHS Interagency Coordinating Committee Validation of Alternative Methods (ICCVAM) Public Forum May 27, 2021

“We found radiation, contaminated materials, in playgrounds and in areas that had previously been playgrounds…we found it in front yards. We found it underneath sidewalks and along the roadways.” June 2008 Hazard to Children — DocumentCloud

Treasure Island cleanup exposes Navy’s mishandling of its nuclear past — From the bulletin of the Atomic Scientists https://the

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists February 24, 2014 issue details the results of a radiation survey conducted by Navy contractor New World Environmental. NWT radiation specialist Robert McLean reports…”We did not expect to find much, just a year before, a Navy-commissioned historical report suggested there was little…

Mighty Acorns Grow!

Bayview Hunters Point Environmental Health & Justice Leaders Meet with High Ranking EPA Officials

Mighty Oaks — From Little Acorns Grow

“Mighty oaks — from little acorns grow is a 14th century English proverb that inspires us to never give up and to always remember that great things do indeed come from very small beginnings.”

An adorable eight year old crowned “Little Miss Flint” wrote an endearing letter to an American President in March of 2016 from her home in Flint, Michigan requesting to meet with him about the public health crisis in her community.

April 25, 2016 marked the second anniversary of the Flint Michigan water…


“In San Francisco’s Hunters Point 25,000 people live near a decommissioned naval base, including a 46-acre toxic waste dump and the remainders of the Navy’s radiological defense laboratory. According to some, it is one of the most polluted sites in the world, possibly for a long time to come. Is the Navy fulfilling its responsibility to the residents…or simply laying waste and walking off?” Saul Bloom — Shame About The Shipyard: The History of Environmental Contamination and Management of the Hunters Point Shipyard. Verdict — National Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals — Vol. 8 №1 January 2002

Shame About The Shipyard by Saul Bloom- Verdict-April 2002 Illustration: Elizabeth Brizzi

Brain cancers are rare…the chance that you will be diagnosed with brain cancer in your lifetime is 0.6% based on 2017 data. The number of brain cancers diagnosed each year in the US is only 6 cases per 100,000. In stark contrast there are 125 cases of breast cancer and 120 cases of prostate cancer diagnosed annually for every 100,000 people.

The statistical odds are immeasurably low that in a community of 35,000 people multiple cases of brain cancer could be detected… yet Bayview Hunters Point residents often comment in community meetings and…

The Amazing Parallels Between Flint Michigan and Bayview Hunters Point

“Nothing’s changed because the water’s been making my skin itchy. You can’t drink it, too.” Amariyanna Copeny — known as Little Miss Flint — in a 2016 letter to President Barack Obama

Flint is the largest city in Michigan and birthplace of General Motors and the Flint Strike of 1936 that led to formation of the United Auto Workers. It has over 100,000 residents and is described as “one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in the United States.” The average household income is $39, 575 and 41.2% of the population lives below poverty levels. African Americans comprise 54.08% of residents.

On the Unspeakable History of Animal Cruelty at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

Romeo & Mia at HP Biomonitoring Medical Screening Clinic circa 2019

If spirits haunt the shoreline of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard…they most certainly include the spirits of animals! The history of the federal Superfund site is replete with the mass killing of animals. This is not a happy story…it saddens me to tell it. This is a story about the human impact of the loss of animal companions on shipyard shoreline workers and neighbors. It begins in the City of St. Francis…the Patron Saint of Animals.

Ahimsa Porter Sumchai MD, PD (Stanford Postdoctoral Fellow)

The term emergency can be applied to any situation where urgent and immediate action is required to mitigate or prevent an adverse situation that threatens public health, property and the environment. California abides by two sets of laws governing the decision to declare or proclaim a public health emergency in order to exercise extraordinary powers to respond to an emergency.

Biomonitoring detects pollution in people. As a method for measuring toxic chemicals in human tissues, HBM is a proven tool for studying harmful environmental chemicals to confirm exposures and validate public health policies. Population biomonitoring was first applied to environmental…

Madame Marie Curie was the first Radium Girl...she died on July 4, 1934 of aplastic anemia caused by exposure to the radium she discovered and received the Nobel Prize for. Her body was so radioactive, she and her husband Pierre were interned in the Paris Pantheon in one inch led coffins. Marie Curie was so fascinated by her "beautiful" radium and it's enchanting glow she carried a test tube in her lab coat, slept with it, used it for toothpaste and drank it. Her daughters death due to leukemia is a testiment to the intergenerational hazards of exposure to ionizing radiation! The Hunters Point Community Biomonitoring program is the first human biomonitoring program to detect an aggregate of multiple radioactive biomarkers on multiple screenings of residents and workers at a federal Superfund site.

Hunters Point Community Biomonitoring Program

Ahimsa Porter Sumchai MD, PD - Medical Director & PI. Founding Chair- Radiological Committee Hunters Point Shipyard RAB Attending MD VA Toxic Registry and SFDPH

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