PG&E Hunters Point Power Plant circa 1997 photo: Chris Carlsson

Chief Justice Roberts delivered the opinion of the Court in the 89 page decision. In excerpt it reads:

The Best & The Brightest — Grand Opening Hunters Point Biomonitoring Program Medical Screening Clinic December 2019 funded by the David & Lucille Packard Foundation
PG&E Hunters Point Power Plant 2007 prior to its deconstruction Photo Chris Carlsson

“She kept watching the smoke pouring out of that chimney and heading right at them.” Mary Ratcliff — Editor SF Bayview Newspaper

Marie Harrison — Hunters View resident and “Mother of the Environmental Justice Movement in Bayview Hunters Point” died following a cardiopulmonary arrest due to pulmonary fibrosis in 2019. Harrison was on the phone with Greenaction Executive Director Bradley Angel discussing strategies to address worsening air pollution in the neighborhood where she once lived the morning of May 3, 2019 . She went into cardiopulmonary arrest that evening and died on May 5, 2019 .
Eight California coal and oil-fired power plants closed between 2001 and 2011. UC Berkeley postdoctoral scholar Joan Casey led research that first identified babies born preterm — before 37 weeks of pregnancy — to be at increased risk of cerebral palsy, asthma and death.

“For those living within roughly three miles of the plants, the team concluded that closing the facilities dropped preterm birth rates from seven percent to 5.1 percent, effectively decreasing the number of preemies born by a quarter.” Retirements of Coal and Oil Power Plants in California — American Journal of Epidemiology, Casey et al Volume 187, Issue 8, August 2018

“ A Breath of Fresher Air!” March 2009 — Demolition of the PG&E Power Plant allows a clear view north- photo: Chris Carlsson
The Body Burden of the Earth
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Hunters Point Biomonitoring Foundation Inc

Hunters Point Biomonitoring Foundation Inc


Ahimsa Porter Sumchai MD- Director & PI. Founding Chair- Radiological Committee Hunters Point Shipyard RAB 2001, Former Attending MD VA Toxic Registry & SFDPH