The Navy Uncovered Strontium — 90…and they want you to think it’s okay. It’s not!

The Navy has detected Strontium — 90 and Plutonium — 239 in massive concentrations along the shipyards shoreline and they have no plans to clean it up. Table 4–3 of the Final Feasibility Study Addendum documents Strontium-90 levels 26 times higher than background and Plutonium -239 levels 44 times higher than background. [
Navy heavy equipment operations at the radiation contaminated Parcel E-2 shoreline and landfill within feet of an unreinforced chain metal fence line that separates the most dangerous regions of the base from a dense residential neighborhood. The major intersection of 3rd Street and Palou is less than a mile away!
The Navy inflates clean up levels by using Hunters Point ambient levels that are thousands of times higher than background. By simply comparing the maximum detected concentration of a radionuclide with background it is evident Strontium -90 is being detected in concentrations 26 times higher than background in this table from the Parcel F Feasibility Study Addendum January 2016
Radionuclides of Concern at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard identified by the Historical Radiological Assessment
Strontium — 90./Fact/
Strontium 85 and 90 Poisoning-
Elemental strontium detected by the Hunters Point Community Biomonitoring Program in potentially toxic concentrations of 368 mcg/g (47–348) along with an “aggregate” of dangerous chemicals.
“If you drink much from a bottle marked “poison” it is certain to disagree with you…sooner or later.” Lewis Carrol — Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland



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Hunters Point Biomonitoring Foundation Inc

Hunters Point Biomonitoring Foundation Inc

Ahimsa Porter Sumchai MD- Director & PI. Founding Chair- Radiological Committee Hunters Point Shipyard RAB 2001, Former Attending MD VA Toxic Registry & SFDPH